Elementary Faculty and Staff

Elementary classes are self contained from PreKindergarten through 5th Grade. Please click on a name to email faculty and staff directly. 


Michelle Copeland

Pre Kindergarten


Misty Robinson

Pre Kindergarten


Wendy Wade

Five Year Old Kindergarten


Betty Miller

First Grade


Holly Wiggins

Second Grade


Jill Vick

Third Grade


Mary Dudley

Fourth Grade


Dana McDade 

Elementary Lead

Fifth Grade


Debbie Palmer



Chris Gully


Junior Varsity Football Coach



Emily Pitts


Elementary Assistant


Middle School and High School Faculty and Staff

Taylor Allen

12th Grade Sponsor

History, Geography, Government and Economics

Middle School English

Student Council Sponsor


Hunter Calvert

11th Grade Sponsor

Computer Applications

STEM Sciences


Varsity Cheer


Iva Lou Cumberland

7th Grade Sponsor

Upper Level Sciences: Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry


Advanced Math

Honor Society Sponsor


Anna Dudley

Technology Director

9th Grade Sponsor


Physical Science and Geometry

Junior High Cheer Coach


Colt Kilpatrick

Assistant Principal and Athletic Director


Fitness and Conditioning

Baseball Coach


Martha Sue Kirkland

10th Grade Sponsor

6th - 8th Mathematics

Study Hall


Ashlie Stewart

6th Grade Sponsor

Middle School Science

Middle School English

Music Appreciation


Caleb Thaggard

8th Grade Sponsor

Middle School History

Theatre and Film Appreciation


LouAnn Wilson

ACT Prep

Senior Special Projects

Fitness and Conditioning

Archery and Shooting Sports Coach

4H Sponsor


Steve Cheatham

Varsity Football Coach


Betty Lynn Haggard

Varsity Basketball Coach

Scott Johnson

Junior Varsity Basketball Coach

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